INBRACE Lingual Braces

At Camelback Orthodontic Studio, we are proud to be able to offer our patients a variety of choices when it comes to their orthodontic treatments. As part of your treatment options, we offer INBRACE lingual braces in Scottsdale, Arizona.

These braces are placed behind your teeth, making them nearly impossible to see. However, just like regular braces they also use an archwire to correct your bite. Instead of regular brackets, though, INBRACE uses brackets with small clips to hold the wire in place. The archwires, also known as Smartwires, are designed specifically to fit your smile, and INBRACE braces do not require rubber bands. All of these factors make your treatment not only easier but faster. They are also easier to brush and floss than other types of braces and many people find them very comfortable after the first two weeks. You will still need to follow our instructions regarding your meals and snacks to avoid damaging your braces.

If comfort and ease are factors in your decision when it comes to orthodontic treatments, and if you would like to improve your alignment without feeling self-conscious about your dental work, give our orthodontists and team a call today at 480-284-8663. We will be happy to schedule you for an examination and consultation with Dr. Trent Cox or Dr. Benjamin Rush.