Financial Options

Improving the alignment of your smile can enhance your appearance and improve your oral health, your oral function and your quality of life. At Camelback Orthodontic Studio, our orthodontists, Dr. Trent Cox and Dr. Benjamin Rush, and our team understand that orthodontic treatments can mean a significant financial investment and that many families work hard to stay within a budget. But at the same time, we know that a straighter smile can benefit you for a lifetime.

We work with most insurance providers, though it is a good idea to contact our office before your appointment to confirm your coverage. We can file your claim for you and will review your coverage with you to help you maximize your benefits. You can meet your co-pays or your treatment costs with cash, checks, or credit or debit cards. We also accept auto draft payments. Our office offers discounts for patients who pay for their care at the start of their treatments.

If you do not have insurance, we provide financial planning to fit your treatments and your budget, and we also offer an in-office financing plan with low or even no down payments and zero-percent interest rates.

If you would like to explore your payment options or schedule your orthodontic appointment in Scottsdale, Arizona, call our office today at 480-284-8663.